Hi I’m Amy and I am the Manager and SENCO for Otley Under Fives Centre. 

I have been working in childcare for 14 years. Within this time I have gained my Level 3 Diploma in Early Years Childcare and Development. I also studied Montessori teaching and have worked in Montessori settings for most of my career. I find the Montessori approach very beneficial to children’s development and I love promoting this way of learning at Otley Under Fives.

I have a little girl aged 2 who sometimes attends Otley Under Fives and she thoroughly enjoys being here, making friends and gaining confidence and independence.

I have really enjoyed my time working here at Otley Under Fives. The homely and calm feel of the preschool has a great effect on how our children settle in learn and develop into confident, independent, kind and . compassionate individuals. 

We have a great team of staff who work wonderfully with the children and I’m very pleased to be a part of this welcoming community.  I mostly enjoy doing letter and number work with the children as well as arts and craft activities. 

Hello my name is Cathy, I have been in childcare for 7 plus years now and enjoy all the fun and trials that come with it.  I am currently the Acting Manager covering for Amy whilst she is on maternity leave. I have stepped up from being the Deputy, and currently I am also the SENCO and Designated Safeguarding Lead for the setting. I also have qualifications in Food Hygiene, First Aid, Fire Safety, Health and Safety and Child Protection.  I really enjoy my time at Otley Under Fives. I love the warm and friendliness of the small setting that allows us to be close to all the parents and children, giving them to best possible start in the educational journey. All the staff work hard and put in their best for the children, helping them grow and develop ready for the next stage.

Hello, I’m Amber. 

I hold a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education.

Hello my name is Wendy,  I have been in childcare for about 9 years and I have my Level 3 in childcare. I also have qualifications in SENCo, Autisms, Illness and Infections, and Behaviour. I am First aid trained and the Deputy Safeguarding Lead.  I enjoy playing with the children at Otley Under Fives, finding out what they like and dislike. The parents are so kind and friendly and I work with some wonderful ladies here.

Hello my name is Lucy, I have been in childcare for 3 years and have a level 3 in childcare. I also have qualification in Safeguarding, Paediatric Frist Aid, Food Hygiene and Safe Sleep. I was a student at Otley Under Fives and have stayed here as an Early Years Practitioner as I enjoy the warm and welcoming environment. All the staff our very supportive and friendly, and it’s great to watch the children grow and develop, knowing you have helped them in their journey.

Hello my name is Hannah, I am new to childcare but have been here for 3 months. I have training in First Aid and Safeguarding, as well as training in Food Hygiene and Safe sleep. I do have a Level 3 diploma in Health and Social. I love working at Otley Under Fives. I work alongside an incredible team of staff and with the most wonderful children. I enjoy playing with the children and helping to create such as lovely environment for them to learn and grow in. All of the parents at nursery are amazing and I have enjoyed getting to know them all too.

Hello my name is Debbie, I have been in Childcare for 10 plus years and have a level 2 in childcare. I also have qualification in Safeguarding, Food Hygiene, First Aid, and Safe Sleep. I enjoy working as part of the team as all the staff are amazing. It’s a joy to see all the children learn and progress everyday. Otley Under Fives is a great, friendly, happy, fun pre-school and I enjoy being a part of it.

Hello my name is Grace.

This is my first childcare setting since completing my Level 2 in childcare. I also have qualifications in safeguarding, first aid, food hygiene and safe sleep.

I love the warm and friendly environment at Otley Under Fives and very excited to be able to work here and hopefully get my level 3.