We provide the wraparound care for Otley Primary School.

Breakfast club

Our breakfast club begins at 8am daily and children are then dropped to the school playground by a member of staff ready for their school day to begin.

We have a wide range of breakfast options including: cereals, toast, fruit and yoghurts.

Children are supported to make their own breakfast upon arrival, and then there are lots of fun activities for them to access until it’s time for school.

After school club

After school club runs on every day after school from from 3-6pm.

Our after-school club children are collected from the school playground at the end of the school day.

Upon arriving at after school club, the children are offered a snack and a drink in the chill out area.

The children then have free choice of the resources, some firm favourites are: Lego, crafts, board games and playdough.

A hot meal is served at 5pm, an example menu can be seen below.

  Tuesday Wednesday Friday
Snack Biscuit and Fruit Cracker and Fruit Scone and Fruit
Dinner Spaghetti Bolognese Fajitas Sausage and Mash
Dessert Frozen yoghurt Jelly Cake