Session times Under 2 2-3 years 3-4 years
Morning Session 9-12 £20.40 £18.60 £16.25
Afternoon session 12-3 £20.40 £18.60 £16.25
Full day 9-3 £40.80 £37.20 £32.50
Breakfast club 8-9 £6.80 £6.80 £6.80
After school club 3-6 £13.80 £13.80 £13.80

Additional charges


A flat rate of £1.38 per funded session, per child (not including children who attend breakfast club or after school club only) will be added for sundries such as snack, craft supplies, paper towels, activity resources etc. This can be added on to your monthly invoice or materials supplied directly by parents if preferred (please speak with staff for requirements).


Hot lunches will be £2.75 per lunch. If you require these, please let the nursery know at least 1 week in advance.

We will continue to support the 15 and 30 hours funded childcare, however the sundries fee/parental supplement of resources will apply to funded only sessions between 9-12/12-3. 

All fees are payable a month in advance.

Invoices are sent via email and the following payment methods are accepted;

  • BACS
  • Childcare vouchers
  • Direct Debit
  • Card payments in setting

We require half a terms notice in writing for cancellation of a space or reduction of your child’s hours.

Early Years Grant funding is available (15 hours per week) for children in the term after their third birthday.

30 hours funding is available to those who are eligible, to find out if you are eligible to claim the extra hours, you will need to visit and complete the necessary application. You will be given a unique 11-digit code which you will need to bring in to us at Pre-School as soon as you receive it. We then confirm that code on the councils funding portal, you will need to update your code towards the end of each term to validate it for the following term. We will also require you to fill in a parental consent form.

Families in receipt of a qualifying benefit may be eligible for 15 hours funded childcare for 2 year olds for further information go to

More information can be found in our Admissions Policy.